Saturday, August 13, 2011

My new books

Валерия Фадеева Как взрослеет мое тело. Книга для девочек

Valerie Fadeeva

How My Body Grows. A Book for Girls

Publishing – houses: “AST”, “Astrel”, 2011.
Book- cover - hard,
Number of pages -  320
ISBN   978-5-17-069455-6, 978-5-271-30134-6
Edition: 5000
Format: 80x108/32 (~125x190 mm)

 “Hello, my dear! You’re not a child anymore but not an adult yet. Your childhood has already finished and your adult’s life didn’t start yet. Your body changes day by day and you start looking like a young woman. I know you are having a hard time now. Cheer up! You’re not alone anymore!

I’ve written this book just for you. It’s about you, about how you’re getting older, how your body and character change, how you’re becoming a wonderful young woman.

A teenagers’ age – is a border between childhood and adults’ life and the more you’ll know about changes which are happening with you the more you’ll be protected from mistakes.

You’ll find answers for your questions even secret ones in this book.

Read and remember: “You’re wonderful! “


Валерия Фадеева Самая полная иллюстрированная книга российской мамы
When a lot of people decide to have a baby they just don’t know how to prepare correctly.
And when a woman becomes pregnant she doesn’t know what to do at that time, what to eat, how long to be up and to sleep, when to go to see a doctor for the 1st time… She can’t imagine how her life will look and she doesn’t know how her future baby will develop inside of her day by day, month by month. She can be afraid and uncertain. She has more and more questions every day.
You will find answers for many of your questions here. You will enjoy your pregnancy with the help of the book. The author also shares with you about how to take care of your baby from the 1st minutes of his or her life till 3 years, she helps you to understand what wishes and needs your baby has and what to do to make your baby healthy and happy.


Валерия Фадеева Одна тысяча сто одиннадцать первых дней жизни вашего малыша. Все о развитии ребенка от рождения до 3 лет
Valerie Fadeeva

 1111 First Days of Your Baby’s Life.

All about Child Development from Birth to 3

Publishing – houses: AST, Astrel, Poligraphizdat,  2011
Book-cover - hard
Number of pages -  368
ISBN   978-5-17-071439-1, 978-5-271-32507-6, 978-5-4215-2243-0
Edition: 7000
Format: 70x90/16 (~170
х215 mm)


When you come home with your baby you may have a lot of problems you didn’t think about during pregnancy. You may not to know how to hold a baby, how to pick him up, change clothes, swaddle, bath…
You can look at your baby as you would look at an alien. You don’t understand why a baby cries so much, why he doesn’t sleep, what worries him and what things he wants at the moment.
You have more and more new questions every day.
You’ll find answers for many of your questions in this book. You’ll find out
how to take care of your child from the very first minutes of his life and up to three years. The book will help you to understand your child’s needs and wishes and will give you advice what to do to make your child healthy and happy.

Валерия Фадеева Массаж и гимнастика для самых маленьких от рождения до года
Valerie Fadeeva

Massage and Gymnastics for Kids from Birth to One Year

Publishing – houses: “AST, “Astrel”, “Harvest”, 2011.
Book-cover - hard,
Number of pages -  48
ISBN   978-5-17-071538-1, 978-5-271-32636-3, 978-985-16-9905-2
Edition: 7000
Format: 70x90/16 (~170
х215 mm)

Of course, you want your child to grow up healthy and harmonious developed. But parents often pay attention to the intellectual and aesthetic education of the child and forget about his physical development!
As a result, these children are sick, they are tired quickly and sometimes they start lagging behind their peers in cognitive development.
Massage and exercises are excellent prevention and treatment of various diseases.
Besides the gentle touch of loving hands soothes your baby, gives
 him a sense of comfort and safety, it’s good for his growth and development.
Everybody can learn how to do massage for their baby and even busiest parents can find some time for massage.
Do not miss the opportunity to improve your children’s health!


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