Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alden Biesen Castle

I want to tell you about my and my daughter's travel to the Middle Ages. We visited Alden Biesen castle in June.  It's located in the small village of
 Rijkhoven in the municipality of Bielsen in the province of Limburg in Belgium.
For the first time we saw the castle in Mini Europe park.
We made a wish to go there ...

So here we are!

We were welcomed at the entrance
 What a pity we're too big already to ride a pony

 The knights of the Teutonic Order originally founded the Landcommanderij Alden Biesen ("commandery of Alden Biesen") in the 11 th century. 
I'm about to fall in love with one of them...

The current buildings were constructed between the 16th and 18th centuries.
So we are in another world now..

Permanent inhabitans of the castle

This is a layout of the castle

We are at the medieval Fair. We can hear laugh, music and loud voices...

A smith is working

You can buy sculptures, paintings and order your coat of arms here 

I like him


This is my colleague - a writer :)

These are people who are having rest from the bustle of the fair

We opened a door of the castle, went inside and... we're in the Church!

You can see how women looked like in those old times

How do you think what's this?

Modern people

Now we're in another part of the castle

You can buy some tasty things here

Oh my God! Poor thing! But why is he smiling? Oh he is just posing for the camera!

Here is a camp of lepers

The soup is being cooked for them

They will have lunch soon

Do you want to join them? 

This is a test for the true princess

 Can you shoot well? Good luck!

It's time to have some snack. What do you think about tasty belgium medieval sausages?

We'll go through the gates in a moment... and we'll be in 21 th century again...

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